The data on this page are from the 2015 model benchmark reported in Petri and Plummer, The Economic Effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: New Estimates, Working Paper 16-2, Peterson Institute for International Economics and East-West Center, 2016.  A page linked below offers similar information for the 2012 model. 

Software and basic social accounting data
The social accounting matrix used in the model is GTAP 9 ( The model is implemented using GAMS software ( Please consult the vendors for further information. Additional files are available for those with valid licenses to these sources.

Region and sector classification
Download excel file:  model regions and sectors

Trade agreements and related statistics
Existing and simulated trade agreements in the Asia Pacific, their membership, and related modeling assumptions
Download excel file:  Agreements and statistics 16feb16

Macroeconomic values for calibration of Baseline
GDP, employment, population, investment rates and net national savings (mostly from World Bank Global Economic Prospects)
Download excel file:  Baseline calibration 16feb16

Flowchart for estimating how trade agreements change tariffs and non-tariff barriers
Download PPT file:  Barriers structure

Non-tariff barriers data from World Bank
Link to website:  World Bank – Kee Nicita Olarreaga NTB page

Service trade restrictiveness index from OECD
Link to website:  OECD STRI data

Services trade restrictions data from World Bank
Link to website:  Services Trade Restrictions Data

Services barriers ad valorem equivalents from CEPII
Download paper PDF:  Fontagne Guillin Mitaritonna service AVE

FDI data and FDI barriers (potential expansion factors)
Link to IMF data source: IMF CDIS FDI survey site 
Download excel workfile: FDI expansion factors 6mar16

The following three files provide information for scoring the coverage of issues in past trade agreements. These files have not changed since 2012 because the underlying sources have (unfortunately) not been updated. The scoring process is explained in Appendix C in Petri, Plummer and Zhai (2012).

WTO preferential trade agreement coverage and intensity by issues
Source: WTO preferential trade agreement database
Download excel worksheet: WTOPTA_publish

APEC FTA text length and coverage by subissues
Source: APEC FTA database
Downloard excel worksheet: APECFTA_publish

Composite scores for FTAs and PTAs by issues
Source: APEC and WTO databases
Download excel worksheet: FTA_Scores_publish

Additional data used in the 2015 model will be added here during spring 2016.

Click here to access data used in the 2012 model