Data for 2012 model

This page presents information on the 2012 model. Data for the current 2015 model are on the main Data page.

Social accounting matrix
The social accounting matrix used in the model is GTAP 8 ( and the model is implemented using GAMS software ( These are available from the vendors directly.

Foreign direct investment baseline
Source: IMF Coordinated Direct Investment Survey data
Excel worksheet: FDI_IMF 5-October-2012

Tariff equivalents of non-tariff barriers for goods
Source: World Bank estimates
Excel worksheet: Goods NTBs 5-October-2012

The following three files provide information for scoring the coverage of issues in past trade agreements. The scoring process is explained in Appendix C in Petri, Plummer and Zhai (2012).

WTO preferential trade agreement coverage and intensity by issues
Source: WTO preferential trade agreement database
Excel worksheet: WTOPTA_publish

APEC FTA text length and coverage by subissues
Source: APEC FTA database
Excel worksheet: APECFTA_publish

Composite scores for FTAs and PTAs by issues
Source: APEC and WTO databases
Excel worksheet: FTA_Scores_publish