Results from 2012 model

The results provided below include “base simulations” completed on 10 June 2012 and reported in Petri, Plummer and Zhai, The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Asia-Pacific Integration: A Quantitative Assessment, Peterson Institute for International Economics and East-West Center, 2012, as well as more recent simulations. Please review the “readme” page in each file for additional information.

Macroeconomic results
GDP, Real income, Exports, Imports, FDI for 2025 for 24 economies

Basic published results
Scenario overview in Excel: Scenarios 1-Oct-2012
Excel table: Macro-results-1-Oct-2012

TPP-track alternatives (TPP9, TPP11, TPP13, TPP16)
Overview note: TPP-track alternatives
Excel table: Macro-TPP-20-Nov-12

Asian-track alternatives (ASEAN+3 and RCEP)
Overview note: Asian-track alternatives
Excel table: Macro-RCEP-20-Nov-12

Adding Japan and Korea to the TPP (TPP11, TPP12, TPP13, TPP16)
Overview note: Adding Japan and Korea to TPP
Excel table: Macro-TPP-7-Mar-13

Adding China to the TPP (TPP12, TPP16, TPP17, FTAAP, RCEP)
Overview note: Adding China to TPP

Sectoral results
Exports, Imports, Value Added by sector for 2025 for 24 economies

Basic published scenarios
List of scenarios (Excel): Scenarios 1-Oct-2012